Рыбаки на Бухтарминском водохранилище № 8
 Дата и место съемки:  

      Казахстан, Кайган

    Рыбаки тащат сеть. Поселок Кайган на Бухтарминском водохранилище.

In Kuygan Village on Bukhtarma reservoir shore located the most successfull fisherman co-operative leaded by Alexeev brothers.
One day with fishers is finished. They were unlucky today - net got big hole and all they had was couple of crayfish buckets - instead of two or three tones of fish.. But they say - ok, it happens, on the other hand - we don\\\\\\\'t need to spend time by calculating profit to be shared...
Net is to be fixed in the shore
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